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1976, May 26
The Lionel Hampton Orchestra in Prague
Hampton: vib Buckner: org Cat Anderson: tp Paul Moen, Eddie Chamblee (sax)
Billy Mackel g. Frankie Dunlop:
VIDEO:  Airmail Special.  Part 1   Play  Part 2. Play

1976, May 16

The Caveau De La Huchette, Paris..
(European Tour 1976) - Lionel Hampton & His Jazz Inner Circle Band.
See under the Europe Tour.


Lionel Hampton en Dany Doriz, 1976.

Uit het programmaboek. Europatour April en Mei 1976

Cadeau gekregen van  Eddie Murlot op de Antwerpse Jazz Club.April 2002


For this CD.

More over the Concert

The  Dany Doriz Big Band: Tribute for Lionel Hampton.

 Website Lokerse Jazz Club Belgium

Videos: Dany Doriz: Tribute for Lionel Hampton.
1: Airmail Special. ( The Opener)  Play:   2:Slipped Disc:  Play
3: Flying Home: Play  .4: Hamp's Boogie Woogie: Play
Website Dany Doriz

17 January 1978

January 17, 1978 New York, New York, USA
Lionel Hampton and Benny Goodma

Gesigneerd door Lionel Hampton en Big Joe..

1978: Elisabethzaal in Antwerpen.
Lionel Hampton meets "Big Joe Pelsmakers ( België).
 Met dank aan Georges Goossens en Eddy Murlot van de Antwerpse Jazz Club.
In het Sint-Augustinus ziekenhuis van Wilrijk overleed maandag 16 augustus 2007
'Big' Joe Pelsmaeker, medestichter van de USA Jazzclub van Antwerpen. Hij werd 83.

De tekst is geschreven door  Lionel Hampton.


 August 10, 1978.Lionel Hampton "50 years in music"


Lionel Hampton and Jean-Louis Bompoint


Lionel Hampton and Billy Mackel.
(Photo, Avon Mackel)
Mackel  was Hamptonís most loyal  sideman, he toured
and recorded with Hamp from 1944 to1982.
 The Billy Mackel Story =

July 1978.

Lionel Hampton and Chubby Jackson.
Lionel Hampton at the Norht Sea Jazz Festival, Scheveningen/The Hague.
With his All Stars Band.
VIDEO:  Play-Hey! BA-BA-Rebop.  Play- In The Mood.  Play

1979, March 21

LIONEL HAMPTON and his orchestra at the Tonhalle in Düsseldorf, Germany on May 21, 1979
to celebrate Hampton's 50th anniversary in show business. His orchestra on this occasion consisted
of Curtis Fuller (trombone), Paul Jeffrey (bariton sax), Paul Moen (tenor sax),
René McLean (alto sax), Joe Newman (trumpet), Charles Sullivan (trumpet),
Wild Bill Davis (piano & organ), Richie Pratt (drums) and Gary Maccoroppi (bass)

 ' 80


April - May: Europa-Tournee mit Lionel Hampton.

27 Mai 1980 Düsseldorf.


The Boogie Woogie Album

Aufnahmen Axel Zwingenberger mit Lionel Hampton und seinem Orchester;
Mitwirkende: Lionel Hampton (vibes, p, voc), Axel Zwingenberger (p), Arvell Shaw (b), 
Panama Francis (dr), Irvin Stokes (tp), Illinois Jacquet (ts), George Kelly (ts), Sam Hurt (tb),
The Lionel Hampton Big Band: John Marshal (tp), Barry Reis (tp), John Walker (tp), 
Vince Cutro (tp), Arnett Cobb (ts), Ricky Ford (ts), Yoshi Malta (as), Tom Chapin (as), 
Glenn Wilson (bs), John Gordon (tb), Charles Stephens (tb), Chris Gulhaghuen (bass tb), 
Ralph Hamperian (b), Duffy Jackson (dr), Sam Turner (perc);
Afgenommen im Januari 1982, New York City und im Mai 1982 in Doorwerth/NL.

1983, July 10.  Play under.

Irene and Hans (Right) by Lionel Hampton: North Sea Jazz Festival 1983.
I Veeg hier onder. Tekst is wit.
SMS naar 0623597962

When The Saints Go Marching In.

When The Saints Go Marching in. Left: The Trumpetters. Right: The Saxplayers.

TThe Concert: Lionel Hampton Big Band at the North Sea Jazz Festival 1983, july. Play
Unreleased: Wait 2-4 min. Go to 03.32 and enjoy. Total Time 1.44 hour.
First Concert 60min. During 70min. Second concert (this) 60min. During 114min.

April: "Bei Bio" ARD-TV mit Lionel Hampton.


Lionel Hampton's signature on Disney Business Card. 1983.
This signature was done while Lionel Hampton play at the park.
VIDEO: Milestones. Play-Hey! Ba-Ba-Rebop. Play

1984: At Disneyland.
VIDEO: Flying Home. Play- Drum Battle: Play-


Lionel Hampton, Emmanuel Lewis, Michael Jackson and Quincy Jones.
Quincy was for 10 years the arranger for Michel.
At the recording session for Frank Sinatra's album "L.A. Is My Lady..

This is a very unique photo Ckick


(Lional) Lionel  Hampton Big Band: Merzweckhalle Glücksburg, 28 April 1985.
Sammlung: Rolf Jensen.


Donnertag 2 mei 1985

"Moin Moin" Wöchentlich Zeitung.


Lionel Hampton und seine Festival All Star Band.
Mitglieder ??
Die Internationale Jazztage in Glücksburg. 1985.


rolf jensen

Lionel Hampton in Jazzclub Oase


"ZDF Jazz Club" in Leonberg.
Video: Airmail Special

1988, July 8

North Sea Jazz Festival.


Hans, Yvonne Diemel en Dave by Lionel Hampton. North Sea Jazz Festval ?

Glücksburg: "Moin-Moin" ( regional zeitung) vom 03 Mai 1990

1990:  Lionel Hampton (Vibrafon),  Ray Gallon (Piano),  James Ford (Schlagzeug),  Gabriel
Machado (Kongas), William Johnson (Bass), Reginald Pittmann (Trompete), Ronald Fox
(Trompete),  Gerald Brazel (Trompete),  Christopher Albert (Trompete),  Steve Armour
(Posaune),  Greggory Pryor ( Posaune),  Charles Stephens (Posaune),  Jeffrey Nelson
(Posaune), Andres Boiarsky (Saxofon), Clevert Guyton (Saxofon), Mark Gross (Saxofon)
Alexander Stewart (Saxofon) und Robert Sands (Saxofon).

Sammlung: Rolf Jensen.  Dritter von links.


Sammlung Rolf Jensen

July 18 1982

VIDEO: Airmail Special  8 min.  Play-Called You Go To My Head. 4min.  Play-
 I know That You Know:  Play

21 july 1982

Lionel Hampton (vb, dr), Slim Gaillard (voc, g), Jay McShann (p, voc), Leroy Vinnegar (b)
Jackie Williams (dr), Benny Bailey (tp), Red Holloway (s), Lou Donaldson (as), Didier Lockwood (vln)
Wynton Marsalis (tp), Branford Marsalis (s), Phil Bowler (b), Sugar Blue (hca)

1. Easy (01:25)
2. Black Foot Blues, Ciment Mixer, Yepra Harissi,  Carni Di Maialo, Rain (09:23)
3. Improvisation Oive Loe (02:51) 4. My Confession Mamma (09:14)  5. "C" Jam Blues (04:15)
7. Lady Be Good (11:21), 8. After You've Gone (05:04), 9. Midnight Sun (04:16)
10. How High The Moon (03:22), Thanks Lionel Hampton To His Friends (01:05)
11. Just Playing (01:53),12. Hesitation (04:24), 13. Now is The Time (14:55),14. Untitled (13:19)
15. Untitled / Montreux Improvisation (12:31),16. Donna Lee (10:28),
17. Stardust + Claude Nobs Blues (04:53)

1985, April 20

Featuring Pat Metheny, Lionel Hampton, Jazztrain '85 (Illinois Jacquet, Buddy Tate, Red Norvo,
Harry Edison, Herb Ellis, Milt Hinton, and Gus Johnson), and Oscar Peterson.

New, Sept. 22th
Lionel Hampton in concert at the Rheames Theatre in Orinda, CA.

Casino Oostende Belgie
My Sister To-Ingrid
Nieuwe foto gevraagd


Singer Frank Sinatra, right, and Lionel Hampton take curtain call following their performances at
Carnegie Hall in New York, September 11, 1987. Hampton, the vibraphone virtuoso and standout
 showman whose six-decade career ranked him among the greatest names in jazz history, died Saturday
Aug. 31, 2002. He was 94. Hampton, whose health was failing in recent years, died of heart failure at
Mount Sinai Medical Center at about 6:15 a.m., said his manager, Phil Leshin. (AP Photo/Ed Bailey)

1988 July 15th

           TONY WILLIAMS QUINTET  Spanje 1988


1988 August JVC Jazz Festival
Lionel Hampton and His Big Band

Video, August 13th and 14th 1988


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