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Carl-Gustaf, Sweden and Hans Bebop, The Netherlands. Our Favourites..
Lionel Hampton, Jazz At The Philharmonic, Charlie Parker, Bebop, Count Basie.
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The most photos on this website have not been publised  before. Exept Hans Bebop's Lionel Hampton and JATP websites.
Music: Collection Hans Bebop. 
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1202. August 4: Carl-Gustaf. Happy Birthday . Your Fans and Hans Bebop
2012.12/23. Tribute for Chet Baker's Birthday.  Click-

Sweden 1953.    Click
From Lionel Hampton's first concert of his 1953 Europe Tour.

Arne Domnérus Orchestra, live in BoråS, 1963, Schoolconcert. Dutch Radio. (For the first time on cd, 2003).
Now with playlist on the player.  Click  and  Play-

Louis Armstrong-Chet Baker- Count Basie-Chris Barber-Clifford Brown -Dave BrubeckFrank Foster--Benny Carter
Arne Domnérus-Carl-Gustaf Edhardt. Include Bio-Louie Bellson -Miles Davis-Harry 'Sweets' Edison-Duke Ellington-
Stan Getz- Norman Granz' Jazz At The Philharmonic-Lars Gulling-J.J.Johnson-Lionel Hampton- Coleman Hawkins-
Stan Kenton -Gene Krupa -Photographer BengtH. Malmqvist Thelonious Monk -Anita O'DayOscar Peterson -
Sonny Rollins -Clark Terry-

Louis Armstrong

Dutch Radio: The CD Masters of Jazz Louis Armstrong. Play
Louis Armstrong in Stockholm Sweden. 1933. 1Photo/Video.  Play-Photos/Video. Play-
1942: Video.  Play-1962: Video. Blueberry Hill.  Play 1962: Video. When the Saints.  Play-
Dutch Radio: The CD Masters of Jazz.  Louis Armstrong. Play

Louis Armstrong October 4, 1952 KUNGLIGA TENNIS HALLEN, Stockholm. Radio Broadcast. 72 min.  Play
LOUIS ARMSTRONG ALL STARS: Trummy Young, trombone, Bob McCracken, clarinet, Marty Napoleon, piano 
Arvell Shaw, bass, Cozy Cole, drums, Velma Middleton, voc. 

Chet Baker

Chet Baker in Sweden. Photo: Bengt H. Malmqvist.

1985, February 15. 60 min. Dutch Concert. Chet Baker, Trumpet/vocal. Philip Catherine, guitar. Jean Louis Rassenfosse, bass. Play  Rebroadcast.
Dutch Radio: Chet Baker.  Play- FOR A GREAT DECEMBER 23 TRIBUTE AUDIO AND FILMS. Click=

Chet Baker in Sweden, 1984.


Clifford Brown

Clifford Brown in Sweden. 1953.
Dutch Radio. Part 1:  Play-Part 2.  Play- Part 3.  Play-Part 4.  Play-Wikipedia-
Audio/Video  Clifford Brown and Art Farmer with the Swedish All Stars - Stockholm Sweetnin' (1953)  Personnel: Clifford Brown, Art Farmer (trumpet), Ake Persson (trombone), Arne Domnerus (alto sax), Lars Gullin (baritone sax), Bengt Hallberg (piano), Gunnar Johnson (bass), Jack Noren (drums), Quincy Jones (arrange).  Play-Lover Come Back To Me   Play-
Scuse These Blues.   Play-

Count Basie

Count Basie, Ray Brown and Jimmie Smith. Montreux 1977. "Trio Blues"  VIDEO. Play-
Dutch Radio: Count Basie in Kansas City – RCA Victor LPM-514 and Basie plays Hefti
Emus ES-12003.  Play-
USA Radio: Count Basie The Newport Jazz Festival 1957. Click and play -

Count Basie: Sweden 1962.
1962 Stockholm Sweden: Video 56 min. Play-
Piano: Count Basie, Alto Sax: Marshal Royal and Frank Wess, Tenor Sax: Eric Dixon, Frank Foster, Frank Wess, 
Baritone Sax: Charlie Fowlkes, 
Trumpet: Al Aarons, Sonny Cohn, Thad Jones, Snooky Young.
Trombone: Henry Coker, Quentin Jackson, Benny Powell.
Guitar: Freddie Green, Bass: Eddie Jones, Drums: Sonny Payne. Vocal: Irene Reid. 
This concert was filmed by SVT (Swedish Television) on April 24, 1962. 


Happy Birthday on August 4. Your Fans and Hans Bebop.
Carl-Gustaf 1965.
Here is a photo from the mid 60s when I played drums in the Swedish band The Weepers.
My wonderful red Trixon drums. Inspired by Lionel Hampton.
I remember that two of my drums was broken so I had to borrow one yellow and one white from a friend.
"Born in Sweden 1942. It means that I was a teenager in the great era of the 1950s. Listening to jazz music on the radio "The Voice of America" with Willis Canover. Especially bebop with Bird and Dizzy got directly to my heart. I played altosax for a few years, but drums was my main instrument. When Rock n´ Roll and pop music changed the music world I played in a pop band. But I have always had my roots in jazz. Living in Stockholm at that time, I went to many jazzconcerts and listened to Lionel Hampton (my big idol), Basie, Ellington, Armstrong, Goodman and of course Jatp with all the jazz stars. Glad to have the autographs today.
In the 60s I worked as an Assistent Deck Steward on M/S Gripsholm, Swedish American Line. Nice cruises in the West Indies and Around the World CLICK FOR WEBSITE
Later I worked as a journalist and photographer for 25 years. I took some pictures of jazzmusicians. I only wish I had taken many more. In my job I met many interesting people. Astronaut James B Irwin, for example, who I photographed together with the King of Sweden at the Castle in 1976. When the Swedish astronaut Christer Fuglesang met King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia i 2007, I was invited to the Castle to take some photos again. Nice experience for a retired photographer CLICK FOR WEBSITE
In 2005 I got in contact with Hans Bebop, Jazz  Expert in Holland. Soon I found out that we were "soulbrothers" with the same interest in drums, Hamp, Jatp, Bebop, tennis and more. Many thanks Hans for the fantastic websites with a lot of great jazz music, videos, photos and interesting info." 

Louie Bellson
Louie Bellson. Sweden 1962. Wikipedia

My brother Roland together with Louie Bellson (Left) in Stockholm 1962.
I have taken the photo. My brother and I used to play drums in the younger days.. "Carl-Gustaf" Sweden.


Autographs: Louie Bellson and Roland my Brother  (Roland played drums in the 1950s and 1960s – only jazz).

Louie Bellson's Jazz Giants: Holland. 1993, January 21: Louis Bellson, drums. Spanky Davis, trumpet.
Curtis Fuller, trombone.Harold Ashby, tenorsax. Lou Stein,  piano. Eddie Jones, bass. A la JATP.-Play---
Rebroadcast on 2004, June 17.

Signed personally by Louie Bellson to me.


Chris Barber
 Chris Barber when he visited Stockholm, Sweden in February 1958.
Graham Burbidge, Chris Barber.  Dick Smith, Graham Burbidge, Monty Sunshine, Pat Halcox and Chris Barber.

Dutch Concert: The Chris Barber Jazz and Blues Band.  1997, October 9. Play
Dutch Concert: The Chris Barber Jazz and Blues Band.  2002, March 28.  Play
Creole Love Call: 10min. Play- Jambalaya. 4 min. Play
Conversation with Chris Barber: Part 1. 14 min.  Play-Part 2. 8min.  Play- Part 3. 6min.  Play
Video 1958: Ice Cream.  Play-
Videos:Chris Barber at Stockholm: 1986.
Chris Barber trombone, Pat Halcox trumpet, Ian Wheeler clarinet and saxes, John Crocker clarinet and saxes,
Johnny McCallum banjo and guitar, Roger Hill guitar, Vic Pitt bass and Norman Emberson drums.
Precious Lord take my Hand: Play-Jambalaya. Play-
Do what Ory Say:  Play-Some of these days: Pat Halcox is featured in this tune.  Play

Dave Brubeck

 Family photo on Dave Brubeck in Sweden 1958 with
 his wife Iola and two of his sons, Darius and Mike.

1975 Broadcast. The Dave Brubeck Story with special guests in the Studio Dave and Lola Brubeck.  Bio
Part 1: - PlayNPart 2:  Play -Part 3:  Play-Part 4: Play
Played with Quicktime. Download the free- Quicktime Player
Video: 1961 Sweden Play - Concerts: Dave Brubeck and Ramsey Lewis: 2009.  Play-2005: The Octet. Play-

Autograph and  Illinois Jacquet, Gus Johnson and Sweets. 

Harry "Sweets" Edison (October 10, 1915 – July 27, 1999), born in Columbus, Ohio, was an American jazz trumpeter. Wikipedia -
07/31: Harry 'Sweets' Edison: Oscar Peterson Jam Session. Broadcast date  1978, July 1, 1978. 1977, July 1. Montreux, Swiss. Play-
Oscar Peterson, piano. Dizzy Gillespie, trumpet. Clark Terry, trumpet. Harry "Sweets" Edison, trumpet. Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis, tenor sax. 
Niels Henning Orsted Pedersen, bass. Bobby Durham, drums 
07/30: BBC Library: Harry 'Sweets' Edison. Trumpet.  Play- <<OUT  AUGUST 6.     Video-Video-Video-
07/30: Dutch Radio: Harry 'Sweets' The Netherlands. Frank Wess, Tenor/Flute.Rebrod. 2004/10/29: Frank Wess, tenorsax. 1992, March 19 -
07/30: LCJCenter: This a Jam Session. Al Grey, Harry 'Sweets' Edison.Teddy Edwards and more. Rebroadcast. Play-

Frank Foster. Autograph, Collection: Carl-Gustaf, Sweden.

08/02: Jazz on Studio 1 Jam Session., Side 1.  Play- Side 2.  Play-
Joe Newman (trumpet), Bennie Green (trombone), Paul Quinichette, Frank Foster (tenor sax), Sir Jonathan Glasser (Johnny Smith) (guitar), 
Hank Jones (piano), Eddie Jones (bass), Kenny Clarke (drums).
Dutch Radio. Combo's. Time 60min.  Play-Video: QuartetPlayPlay-Play
Lionel Hampton And His Orchestra1990-12-31 (New Year Concert) Incl.Frank Forster and Nina Simone: Happy New Year and Hey-Ba-Ba-Rebop. Play-
The concert begin New Year's Eve on 11.39.50 PM. Source: Radio Sound: B+/A- Lionel Hampton and his Orchestra.(Sorry I don't know who is in the band.) 
01. Title 5:27, 02. Title 7:40, 03. Swing in the New Year//Auld Lang Sine (Fade) 9:01, 04. The Gangs all herer Medly (fade) 5:52, 
05. Don’t get Around Much Anymore 3:07, 06. Mack the Knife 7:30, 07. Hamp's Boogie Woogie/Hey-Ba-Ba-Rebop. 5:49. Time 44 min..
Radio Recording.  Good Sound (V) Windows Mediaplayer. 
Frank Fosterand The Count Basie Orchestra, Newport Jazz Festival Newport, Rhode Island/USA, 2nd July 1959. Taped from Radio.  Play


Benny Carter: Sweden 50s..
Dutch Radio. Part 1. Play-Part 2: Play-Part 3:  Play-: Part 4: Play
With Teddy Wilson Trio and Art Tatum Trio.  Play-- 1988  Play- -
VIDEOS: 1987     1997 -Count Basie Orchestra. Guest Benny Carter -Wikipedia

Miles Davis

Miles Davis in Stockholm, Sweden 1956: Photo  Bengt H. Malmqvist.

Miles Davis & Sonny Stitt. Audio/Video. Stockholm 1960.  Play- Part 2:  Play-Part 3: Play-
Miles Davis Quinet: Stockholm 1967. Video. Part 1-3: Play-On the end click on the player for 2 and 3.-Part 4 =
Dutch Radio. 6 Miles Davis LP's Play- Miles Davis - Dig  (1951) 0:35 Miles Ahead (1957) 01:30 Milestones (1958)
02:40 Sketches of Spain (1959)  03:40 E.S.P. (1965)  04:30 Miles Smiles (1967).

0Arne Domnérus

Arne Domnérus, Sweden: 1924, December 20 -2008, September 2 .  Wikipedia
Arne Domnérus Orchestra, live in BoråS, 1963, Schoolconcert. Dutch Radio. (For the first time on cd, 2003).
Now with playlist on the Player.      Play
AUDIO/VIDEOS:  She She.  Play-. Play-Play-Play-
1953: Clifford Brown and Art Farmer with the Swedish All Stars: Play-Play
Bengt Hallberg: with Clifford Brown the tenor saxophonist Stan Getz, Quincy Jones and Arne Domnérus.Play
LIVE/VIDEO: 2000.  -Play

Duke Ellington


Duke Ellington and.Ray Nance, Stockholm 1950. Duke Ellington in Sweden. 1950.
Swedish jazzmagazine "Estrad" 1950. 


Clark Terry, Paul Gonsalves and Jimmy Hamilton. 1958.  Sam Woodyard.

 Lawrence Brown, "Tricky Sam" Nanton and Juan Tizol.

Ticket 1965                                  Autographe Duke Ellington.  Wikipedia

08/02: Duke Ellington 1958. Full Concert 80 min.. Filmed at Dutch Amsterdam's famed Concertgebouw. Play
Duke Ellington (Piano), Jimmy Woode (Bass), Sam Woodyard (Drums), Ozzie Bailey (Vocal. 
Trumpets: Cat Anderson, Harold “Shorty” Baker, Ray Nance (Trumpet, Violin, Vocal), Clark Terry. 
Trombones: Quentin Jackson, John Sanders (Valve Trombone), Britt Woodman. 
Reeds: Johnny Hodges (Alto Sax), Russell Procope (Alto Sax, Clarinet), Paul Gonsalves (Tenor Sax), Jimmy Hamilton (Tenor Sax, Clarinet) 
Harry Carney (Baritone Sax, Clarinet, Bass Clarinet) Include: Paul Gonsalves  Diminuendo And Crescendo In Blue

Duke Ellington Juke Box. 334 songs.  1924-1953. Play---
Duke at the Cottonclub in digital stereo. 1929.  Play-
Duke Ellington at the Farco Ballroom 1940. For the first time on LP 1980. Play-
Of the "A" Train: Paul Gonsalves. Play-Crescendo+Diminuendo In Blue (1957). Part 1:  Play-Part 2:  Play-(Newport 1956).   Play
The Duke Ellington Private Collection. 1956 - 1968.   For the first time on CD, 1989.  CD 1-5 from 10. Play    (Plylist on the player is not good).
The Duke Ellington Private Collection. 1958 - 1971.   CD: 6 - 19. Paul Gonsalves, tenor sax,  Play -
Videos: Ellington in Sweden. 1966 Interview.  Play-Part 2:  Play -
With Ella Fitzgerald. Stockolm 1966: Part 1:  Play-Part 2:Never before record. Play-Part 3 Play


Stan Getz

Stan Getz in the Fifties in Sweden.

Stan Getz: 1951, 1957, 1964 and 1987. 5 hours.  Play-

Norman Granz' Jazz At The Philharmonic


Konserthuset, Stockholm (Sweden), April 28, 1957 (two concerts, 7:00 and 9:15 p.m.) Play-
1: Roy Eldridge (trumpet, vocal on track 04), Oscar Peterson (piano), Herb Ellis (guitar), Ray Brown (bass), Jo Jones (drums)
01: Norman Granz announcement - 0:33.  02: Undecided - 3:47. 03: Embraceable you - 3:43.  04: School days - 3:47. 05: Lester leaps in - 8:17 

2: Stuff Smith (violin), Oscar Peterson (piano), Herb Ellis (guitar), Ray Brown (bass), Jo Jones (drums). 
06: Moonlight in Vermont - 4:32.  07: Bugle call rag - 4:42. 08: Norman Granz announcement - 0:15. 

3: Ella Fitzgerald (vocals) accompanied by Don Abney (piano), Herb Ellis (guitar), Ray Brown (bass), Jo Jones (drums). 
09: Singing the blues - 2:22. 10: Angel eyes - 3:20. 11: Lullaby of Birdland - 2:15. 12: Tenderly - 3:12. 
13: Do nothing till you hear from me - 3:51. 14: April in Paris - 4:19. 15: I can't give you anything but love - 3:52. 16: Love for sale - 4:11 

4: Ella Fitzgerald (vocals) accompanied by Roy Eldridge (trumpet), Stuff Smith (violin), Oscar Peterson (piano), Herb Ellis (guitar), 
Ray Brown (bass), Jo Jones (drums).
17: It don't mean a thing if it ain't got that swing - 7:55.  (TRACK 1-15, 7pm. 16 AND 17,  9.15pm. 


Lars Gulling

Swedish Baritonaxophonist Lars Gullin, (1928-1976).  Website Bio

Here is Europes firts lady of jazz, Rita Reys from The Netherlands with here first recording.
Rita Reys, voc. Lasse Gullin, bar. Gunnar Svensson, pno. Simon Brehm, sbs. Wessel Ilcken, dms. 
Recorded in Stockholm March 2, 1953.  Audio/Video:  Play-.Website Rita Reys  (Now Age 85)
Lars Gulling All Stars. Stockholm 1962. Video: Milestone and more videos Play-

Lionel Hampton

1954 July. Lionel Hampton in Sweden.


1958: Lionel Hampton in Stockholm, Sweden: Swedish Concertprogram/Hamp with the tom tom.
VIDEO: Lionel Hampton's Tom Tom Solo.Tom Tom Solo
Affiche: Stockholm 1958. and Hamp's Autograph.


Ticket from a Lionel Hampton concert in Stockholm Sweden 1953. Lionel Hampton with Fans in the folkpark in Linköping, Sweden. 1953. 
From the 1953 Europe Tour is one 2CD complet recorded in 2003 of Swiss Radio.
Dutch Radio: Swiss Radio Days. Vol 17 and 18: Lionel Hampton Big Band at Basel. 1953. 
Wait 2 -3 min. and go to min. 02.02.  Play-
Dutch Radio: My Request for Lionel Hampton's 100th Birthday on 2008. Include my old  LP of Gene Norman's
1947 Just Jazz Concert. Recorded Civic Auditorium, Pasadena California, August 4, 1947.   Play-5 hours great fun.
Lionel Hampton Radio. Radio 1:  Play-Radio 2: Play -



1: Opener. 2. Summertime.  3. On the Sunny Side of the Street   4. Oh, Rock. 5. How High the Moon -  6. Stardust. 
7. I Only Have Eyes for You. 8. Blue Boy.  Play- and wait 2-4 min. and go to min. 5.17 for Hamtpon. Ben Webster/Buck Clayton live. min. 3.07.
This is a great 6 hours Dutch Jazz Night. See the playlist on the player. 

Sweden, September-October, 1953 Program.
1. Opener. 2. Summertime.  3. On the Sunny Side of the Street   4. Oh, Rock. 5. How High the Moon -  6. Stardust. 
7. I Only Have Eyes for You. 8. Blue Boy.-  9. Blues Royal Jazz. 10. Always. 
11. I'm Beginning to See the Light.- 12. Tenderly.  13. Boogie Woogie - 
* Lionel Hampton European Concert 1953 (IAJRC)
* Lionel Hampton and his Orchestra Live in Sweden (Stash [J] CECC 00097)
* European Tour 1953 / Lionel Hampton (Royal Jazz [D] RJD 517) 
Clifford Brown, Art Farmer, Quincy Jones, Walter Williams (tp) Jimmy Cleveland, George Cooper, 
Al Hayse (tb) Gigi Gryce, Anthony Ortega (as) Clifford Scott, Clifford Solomon (ts) 
Oscar Estell (bars) Lionel Hampton (vib) George Wallington (p) Billy Mackel (g) 
Monk Montgomery (b) Alan Dawson, Curley Hamner (d) Sonny Parker, Annie Ross (vo). 
Sweden, September-October, 1953.

Opener IAJRC 31; Stash (J) CECC 00097. Summertime  On The Sunny Side Of The Street. 
Oh, Rock. How High The Moon. Stardust. I Only Have Eyes For You  Blue Boy - 
* Lionel Hampton - European Concert 1953 (IAJRC 31)
* Lionel Hampton And His Orchestra Live In Sweden (Stash (J) CECC 00097) 

Omit Mackel, Ross. same location, date. Blues Royal Jazz (D) RJD 517 
Always.  I'm Beginning To See The Light. Tenderly. Boogie Woogie - 
* Lionel Hampton - European Tour 1953 (Royal Jazz (D) RJD 517) 

Who have a copy for Dutch Radio for a broadcast.  LP (Stash [J] CECC 00097)
Mail to: info(add)


Program of the 1953 Europe Tour.
Collection: Hans Bebop.

November 19
Coleman Hawkins
Coleman Hawkins at Jazz At The Philharmonic 1953..
The Fifties: Coleman Hawkins & Benny Carter. Video.  Play
Dutch Radio: Coleman Hawkins Quartet in the London House, Chicago 1963. PlayWikipedia-


J.J. Johnson Quintet 
Karlaplan Studios, Swedish Broadcasting Corporation  Stockholm, Sweden .June 14, 1957. 

J.J. Johnson, trombone. Bobby Jaspar, tenor sax. Tommy Flanagan, piano. Wilbur Little, bass. Elvin Jones, drums.

Intro with the Swedish jazz expert Olle Helander.
01. Intros & Interview with J J Johnson 2:31. 02. Thou Swell 5:03. 03. Intro to Undecided 0:08. 04. Undecided 3:35. 05. Intro to Never Let Me Go 0:05 
06. Never Let Me Go 3:17/ 07. Intro to It's Only A Paper Moon 0:05. 08. It's Only A Paper Moon 5:05 
09. Intro to A Night in Tunisia 0:33. 10. A Night in Tunisia 6:12. 11. Outro to J J Johnson broadcast 0:29 
TT 27:07  Broadcast on Swedish Radio in March 2003.  (Radio Tape).  Play  -
Hans Bebop

Stan Kenton

08/10  Stan Kenton: Wikipedia-  Reguest for Niki. 20 songs with Playlist. Play-This is a Orchestra. My first Stan Kenton 30cm.78RPM. Play-
Jazz Night: First: Bill Doggett, Milt Buckner, Organ. Mat Mathews, Acc. From Holland. Play
01:04 Stan Kenton 1950/53,  02:00  Stan Kenton 1953/54, 03:00 Stan Kenton 1955,  04:00  Stan Kenton 1956/63,  05:05  Bill Holman Band 1987. 
Dutch Radio: The Big Sound. Duke Ellington and Stan Kenton. Play-Sorry, is now good.  ..
Stan Kenton Big Band at te Newport Jazz Festival (Newport, RI) Jul 5, 1959. It's free, although you need to register for this 1 x   Play-Nice Swing.
Rare Recording: Charlie Parker, Dizzy Gillespie with Stan Kenton. Civic Auditorium Portland OR (USA). February 25, 1954.
Charlie Parker (as on tracks 1 - 3) and Dizzy Gillespie (tp,announcements on tracks 4 - 6) with Stan Kenton & his Orchestra:Play  TotalTime 19 Min.
Sam Noto, Vic Minichiello, Buddy Childers, Don Smith, Stu Williamson (tp), Milt Gold, Joe Ciavardone, George Roberts, Frank Rosolino tb), Charlie Mariano, Dave Schildkraut (as), Mike Cichetti, Bill Perkins (ts), Tony Ferina (bs), Stan Kenton (p), Bob Lesher (g), Don Bagley (b), Stan Levey (dr), Candido (cga on track 5). 
YouTube 98 videos Mixed.Stan Kenton. Play-

Gene Krupa

The Gene Krupa Trio with Flip Philips and Teddy Napoleon in Sweden 1952.
Wikipedia- Music: Play-

Bengt H. Malmqvist, Sweden.

Bengt H Malmqvist med några av sina fina jazzporträtt. Photo: Carl-Gustaf Edhardt.

Mästerfotografen Bengt H Malmqvist är död.
Fotografen Bengt H Malmqvist, som 24 oktober fyllde 80 år, har avlidit. Bengt var under 50- och början 60-talet tidningen Orkesterjournalens husfotograf och dokumenterade då det mesta som hände i jazz-Sverige. Han har tagit bilderna till oräkneliga skivomslag och svarat för massor av fotoutställningar. 1998 kom han ut med boken Stjärnornas fotograf, som visar runt 200 av hans utsökta artistporträtt. 

Bengt H. Malmqvist - The Star Photographer.
No one else has taken so many great photos of jazz musicians in Sweden during the 1950s and 1960s as Bengt H. Malmqvist. A true document. Fantastic pictures on thousands of record covers. But not only jazz. In the 1970s he was ABBAs personal photographer in their early career. And of course many other artists on different record labels. He also had many appreciated photo exhibitions. I remember in my teens, every time I opened the Swedish jazz magazine Orkesterjournalen I saw his name under pictures of Miles Davis, Duke Ellington, Ella Fitzgerald, Dizzy Gillespie, Lester Young and so on. A few years ago I had the honour of meeting this remarkable person, at his home here in the south of Sweden. Being a photographer myself he was like a hero to me. In 2008 he died 80 years old.
Carl-Gustaf Edhardt
Website with record covers - Video: Abba and Bengt -

Thelonious Monk

Thelonious Monk Quartet. 1963-03-5  Stockholm. Unkwown on LP or CD ?. Play-Wikipedia
FM, RESEED. Location ? 
Thelonious Monk, Piano. Charlie Rouse, Tenor saxophone. John Ore, Bass. Frankie Dunlop, Drums. 

Short spoken intro 1'17, Bye-ya 8'36,  Monk's dream 8'35. 'Round Midnight 9'20. Criss cross 5'19, Drum Solo 3'59. Jackie-ing 8'22. 
Just a Gigolo 3'23. Bright Mississippi 9'13.  TT 59min..  Play

lineage is pre-fm.  I tried and find a more precise lineage, butit's always just described as a"pre-fm" record and that's it. 
Hans Bebop.


Anita O´Day


Wikipdia NPR Radio:- Stompin at the Savoy -Dont be that Way -
Video: History. Play-  Newport Jazz Festival 1958: Video.  Play-
Audio/Video. Sing Sing Sing. Russ Garcia Orchestra.Los Angeles 1958, April 2.  Play --
Dutch Radio:  Play-Play Website-
Anita in Sweden 1963. Video. Sweet Georgia Brown.  Play- Let's Fall in Love. Play-Fly me to the Moon.   Play-Tea for Two.   Play-

Oscar Peterson

The Oscar Peterson Trio with Herb Ellis, guitar and Ray Brown, bass.
(of course) at the Concerthall in Stockholm 1957.
  Photographer, Bengt H. Malmqvist, Sweden.
Music: Oscar's Boogie.  Play  The Backyard Blues.  Play
Music: Three Oscar Peterson Videos: Click on the photos.  Play-
1993 Concert: Audio 22min.


Oscar Peterson Trio. Koncerthuset. Stockholm, Sweden. October 21, 1967.  Play

Oscar Peterson (p). Sam Jones (b). Bobby Durham (d). 
1. Intro by radio announcer / applause 1:03. 2. Someday my prince will come 5:31. 3. Meditation 4:48 
4. I will wait for you 6:33. 5. Let's fall in love 5:28.. 6. Hymn to freedom 7:03. Time 30:32. 

Note: Two tracks (September song & Stuffy) with Coleman Hawkins as guest was edited out. .. I don't why? 
Maybe because I don't like him that time. Sorry! ;-) ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ 

Oscar Peterson Trio. Holbæk Jazzclub. Holbæk, Denmark. October 1967 
Same personnel as above, + Guest: Coleman Hawkins (ts) on track 5 

1. unknown Peterson standard 5:53. 2. Corcovado 4:20. 3. unknown (piano solo) 4:07. 4. unknown Peterson standard 6:33 
5. September song 4:48. Time 25:42. 
FM broadcast (mono) > Cassette > Philips CDR765 > Adobe Audition 2.0 > dBpowerAMP Music Converter 11.5
Taped & Transferred by peterw.

Sonny Rollins


Sonny Rollins Quartet- Don Cherry (tp), Sonny Rollins (ts), Henry Grimes (b), Billy Higgins (dr)     . Wikipedia
"Konserthuset", Stockholm (Sweden), January 17, 1963. 
1 Without A Song (11:07).  2 52nd Street Theme (19:35)  Exact lineage unknown; from FM rebroadcast, received in a CD-R trade. Play-Good Sound.

Sonny Rollins Quintet October 27, 1974 Stockholm, Konserthus Sweden.  Source: Radio. Sound B/B+   Play-
Sonny Rollins, tenor sax, spoken word. Rufus Harley, soprano sax, bagpipes. Bob Cranshaw, bass.Yoshiaki Masuo- guitar, David Lee, drums.

Sonny Rollins receives the prestigious Polar Music Prize in a 2007 Stockholm, Sweden ceremony with the King.Carl Gustaf. Video. Play-
Carl-Gustaf Edhardt with the King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia at the Palace in Stockholm.  Click. -

Recorded Live at Nalen, Stockholm, Sweden, March, 2 1959. St Thomas. Play
Sonny Rollins Video Mixed. Play-

Dutch Radio: Part 1: 1954. Play\-Part 2. Play- Part 3: .Play= Part 4: PlayPart 5: Play.Part 6: PlayP Part 7: Play-
8- 9- 10=-11-12\-13-14-15-The final part

My second jazz LP.  Click-(Hans Bebop) TWITTER:  http://twitter.comHamptonsjazz.  Homepage.

Clark Terry

From the 1990s in Norway. 

Wikipedia -Music. Dutch Radio: 1964 -1966 Part !. PlayPart 2:- Play
NPR Radio. Clark Terry on Marian McPartland's Piano Jazz. 1986.  Play -
VIDEO: Clark Terry Lessons: Play-Flugelhorn Jazz:  Play


Under Constuction.

6 LP's 1950-1956.Click and play
And the Norman Granz JATP Studio Sessions.

Jam Sessions
 The  Norman Granz JATP Jam Sessions. 5 CD's.  Play

Sorry, is out.

The New DVD, Jazz Icons. Lionel Hampton Live in Belgium,  Liège. 1958.-Review
Right, Lionel Hampton and guitarist Billy Mackel. Billy's  website
From the DVD. Tom Tom Solo.  Play
Autograph left, Collection Carl-Gustaf Sweden.

Jazz At The Philharmonic

Born 1918, August 6. Norman died 2001, November 22 age 83 in Geneva.
New:6 JATP LP's.  Click

load, downloads

Audio and Videos. Incl: Jazz in Sweden.

2008, October 4: Ella Fitzgerald. Desafinado. 1963 Video.  Play
2008, October 4: Wynton Marsalis at Polar music price. 1993 Video part 1.  Play-Part 2. Play
2008, October 5. Monica Zetterlund. Monicas Vals. Video.  Play
2008, October 5. Monica Zetterlund. Trubbel. 1968 Video.  Play
2008, October 5: Monica Zetterlund. Photo/Video. Play
2008, October 5. Välkommen till Ågrens Orkester !  Clik left, under the player on SOUNDCLICK. Click
2008, October 5. Charles Mingus in Sweden. Video. Play
2008, October 5: Gunhild Carling. Plays on the bagpipes. Video.Play
2008, October 5: The Carling Family from Goteborg. (Teenagers). Video.  Play
2008, October 5: Zoot Sims, Red Mitchel, Rune Gustafsson, guitar. Video 1984.  Play

2010 August 5. 
Jazz Night: Jazz At The Philharmonic. LP's. Play-Text on the player is not good.  Playlist-
Norgran Blues, Carnegie Hall N.Y.C. 1950. 
Min. 0.40.  Blues in Chicago, Chicago Opera House,1955.   (Min. is +/-).
Min. 1.30: The Exciting Battle, Stockholm, 1955. 
Min. 2,20: The 1950’s,Carnegie Hall N.Y.C. 1953 & Los Angeles 1953.
Min. 3.10. The 1950’s, Carnegie Hall N.Y.C. 1953 & Hartford 1954. 
Min. 4.05. Hartford 1953.

New, 2008, April 9.
Jazz Night: Miles Davis.  Play-
Miles Davis - Dig  (1951). 
Miles Ahead (1957). 
Milestones (1958). 
Sketches of Spain (1959).
E.S.P. (1965). Miles Smiles (1967). 
Time on the Player - 1.00.  min. 01.35 = min. 35.

Jerker Olofsson: Key, Fender Rhodes. Stefan Bellnäs: Contra Bass. Per Arne "PA" Tollbom: Drums. Play-Part 2.  Play

Swedish Jazz Band "Them Bones" Count Baie's, Moten Swing.  Play
Them Bones:  Åke Persson, Monotones.  Play   Art Peppers,  Dynaflow.  Play

Ella Fitzgerald: 1963. Georgia on My Mind.  Play
Ella Fitzgerald: 1966. Stockholm. Sweet Georgia Brown.  Play
Benny Garter with Kustbandet big band. 1980.  Play
Benny Carter with Kustbandet big band. 1980. The Mooche.  Play
Benny Carter with Kustbandet big band. 1980. Someday Sweetheart.  Play
Zoot Sims: 1984. This is from a filming session in a private residence. Red Mitchell, b. Rune Gustafsson, g. Play
Zoot Sims: 1884. Sweet lorraine.  Zoot Sims, Sax. Red Mitchell, b. Rune Gustafsson, g.  Play-
Zoot Sims. 1984. Gone with the Wind. Zoot Sims, Sax. Red Mitchell, b. Rune Gustafsson, g.  Play
Chris Barber. 1986. Jambalaya.  Chris Barber.  Play-
Chris Barber. 1986. Precious Lord take my Hand.  Play-

Little Richard:  In 1990 I made an interview with Little Richard and in the year 2000.
I took some more photos of the Rock Giant when he visited Sweden. Carl Gustaf.
VIDEOS:  From the 1956 movie 'Don't Knock The Rock'.
Tutti Frutti.  Play-Long Tall Sally. Play-  Lucille, 1957.  Play-1960, UK.  Play-1969, TV Show.  Play
90s:  Play    2007: Tutti Frutti. Play

Sonny Rollins: Sweden.
01/05: BBC Jazz Legends. And More Rollins. Click
Taken by the Swedish jazzphotographer
Bengt H. Malmqvist. At the jazzplace Nalen in Stockholm, Sweden. 1959.
Collection: Carl-Gustaf, Sweden. 

Borje Fredriksson

Jazz Live:
Swedish Tenorsaxophonist Borje Fredriksson (1937-1968). At the Golden Circle, Stockholm 1964. (25min).
Bobo Stenson, piano. Palle Danielsson, bass. Fredrik Norén, drums. Click
Plays 5 weeks.

Lionel Hampton: 25 videos.  Click

Benny Carter and Kustbandet. Stockholm, 1980. The Mooche and Someday Sweetheart. Click
Photo and Autograph from the fifties.

Chris Barber at Stockholm. 1986.  Click
Miles Davis Quintet at Stockholm. 60s. Video.  Click
Chet Baker at Stockholm. 1985. 2 videos.  Click

Dutch Jazz Night with Stan Kenton:Click

Hunderds Jazz Videos. Jazz Greats. Incl:  Lionel Hamptom. Jazz At The Philharmonic, Charie Parker.
Dizzy Gillespie, Thelonious Monk, Count Basie, Ellington, Ella, etc. Click

Jazz At The Philharmonic:
Count Basie, Ray Brown and Jimmie Smith. Montreux 1977. "Trio Blues"  VIDEO. Play

The Fifties: JATP. Coleman Hawkins & Benny Carter. VIDEO.  Click -

Concert: Thelonious Monk and John Coltrane. Live at Carnegie Hall. 1957.  Play
Never before on LP or CD.
Interviews John Coltrane with Michiel de Ruyter from the serie The History of Jazz. 1961 - 1962-1963-1965
The History of Jazz: 10 Broadcasts.  Click

Jazz from Swedish Radio: Stardust: Play-Live Jazz: Play- Club Jazz: Part 1: Play- Part 2: Play-

E.S.T. Trio from Sweden. Video.  Play-Play
Singer Viktoria Tolstoy from Sweden. Video:  Play
Charlie Parker and Coleman Hawkins: A rare short live video. Click

Stockholm Jazz Festival är en av Sveriges äldsta festivaler och ett av Stockholms största evenemang.
Festivalen firade 20 årsjubileum för två år sedan med rekordantalet nio festivaldagar.
Jazzfestivalen är en festival med grundmurat gott rykte i musikvärlden och räknas som en av Europas
mest välskötta och trevliga festivaler i en unik miljö på Skeppsholmen. Click

sweden, sweden downlo

"Jazz at the Philharmonic - det låter som poesi i mina öron. Jag känner mig priviligierad som fått förm
ånen att uppleva fyra Jatp-konserter i Stockholm på 1950-talet, där många av världens bästa jazzmusiker 
uppträdde. Det var i mina tidiga tonår och jag lyckades även få många autografer, som är speciellt trevligt att 
ha idag. Som till exempel Dizzy Gillespie, Ella Fitzgerald, Coleman Hawkins, Gene Krupa, Stan Getz, 
Roy Eldridge och flera andra. Även Norman Granz själv, vilket lär vara ganska ovanligt.
Annars var min store idol Lionel Hampton och hans storband. Jag gick också för att lyssna på Duke Ellington, 
Count Basie, Benny Goodman och Louis Armstrong. Inte att förglömma Bebop-perioden på 40-50-talet.
Senare arbetade jag som fotograf och har plåtat några av de gamla jazzidolerna.
Ja, det var verkligen härligt svängig musik som lever än, inte minst på internet. Stort tack till min vän
Hans Bebop från Holland, som är webmaster för flera fina hemsidor om JATP, Hampton och Bebop-perioden.

"Jazz at the Philharmonic" - the words are like poetry to me. I feel priviliged to have been to four of the 
Jatp concerts in Stockholm in the 1950s where many of the worlds greatest jazzmusicians performed. 
I was in my early teens and got some very nice autographs too. Rare items today. For example Dizzy Gillespie,
Ella Fitzgerald, Coleman Hawkins, Gene Krupa, StanGetz, Roy Eldridge and many others. Also Norman Granz 
himself wich is quite  unusual, I guess. My jazzidol No. 1 was Lionel Hampton and his big band.
I also went to here Duke Ellington, Count Basie, Benny Goodman and Louis Armstrong. 
And dont forget the Bebop. Yes, it really was a great jazz era. And the music lives on in the memory, 
at the records and now also on internet. Thanks to my jazzfriend from Holland, Hans Bebop, for doing such a
great job on these websites of- JATP- Hampton's Music and more -
Carl-Gustaf . 


 Fats Domino from the 50s but signed at Åhus in Sweden in the 80s
Fats Domino's greatest Hits.   Part 1: Play - Part 2: PlayPPart 3: Play -Part 4:  -Play-

Dizzy Gillepsie

Stockholm 1948.
Dizzy Gillespie Big Band.
Part 1 Play--Part 2.  PlayPPart 3. Play- Part 4.  Part 4- Part 5   Play-
The Dizzy Gillespie Quartet with Guest: Paquito D'rivera. Tros Sesjun,
The Netherlands 1981, Oct. 22.  Play -
Video: Copenhagen TV: 1968.  Play

Skansen, Stockholm in the mid 70´s.

Dexter Gordon and Benny Baily at Sweden. Made by Carl Gustaf, Sweden.
The Dexter Gordon/Benny Bailey Quintet at Sweden.  Click and Play

Autograph: Johnny Griffin.
Johhny Griffin and Freddie Hubbard, Art Blakey.  (Video. Moanin)  500KB:  Play

Johnny Hodges

Johnny Hodges Autograph.
I got the Hodges autograph from a jazzfriend of mine here in Sweden. It is
on an Ellington program when he visited Sweden in 1939.
Music: Johnny was here.  Play

The Famous Billie Holiday. (1915-1959).
Photo: Bengt H. Malmqvist, Sweden. Lady Day in Sweden, 1956. Collection, Carl-Gustaf.

Milt Jackson

Music: With the Modern Jazz Quartet and Lou Donaldson, sax. "Tahiti" 1952. Play-
Bag's Groove: Modern Jazz Quartet plus four Voices. Rare track.  Play--
Summertime:  Play-

Norman Granz' autograph.
Tribute for Norman Granz. Jam Session a la JATP.
Al Grey, Teddy Edward, Stephen Riley, Nicholas Payton, Sweets and others. 1999.  Play-
The 1953 Tokyo Concert:  Play
Or Click

Norman Granz in Sweden, 1952.

JATP at Sweden.
From left: Norman Granz, Roy Eldridge, Max Roach, Ray Brown.

JATP: Flip Phillips and Roy Eldridge.
Collection: Carl-Gustaf,  Sweden 1955

Danmark and sweden

 JATP program from 1955 when they visited Sweden and Danmark.

Jazz At The Philharmonic Ticket from Sweden.
Music: JATP 1956 Video from the Netherlands Concert.
The Oscar Peterson Trio at the European Tour..

Video: JATP at The Netherlands, Amsterdam Concertgebouw.
Oscar Peterson, Ray Brown, Bass. Herb Ellas, Guitar. 1956. Play
On the video, 1958 is not good. It's 1956.

Illinois Jacquet

1986, December 7.
Dutch Concert 1976, October 20. 60 min.  Play-
Illinios Jacquet, tenorsax. Milt Buckner, organ. Sonny Payne, drums.
(Lester Leaps In, Robbins Nest, Hamp's Boogie Woogie, Hey! Ba-Ba-Re-Bop and more) With the spirit of Lionel Hampton!
Jacquet's famous solo on Flying Home 1942. Lionel Hampton/Illinois Jacquet.Play-

Lee Konitz

Lee Konitz Autograph from the early 1950s.
Music: Rare Concert, The Netherlands.
Lee Konitz (1927), sax and Ohad Talmor String Project.  Play-
2003 Interview:  Play

Billy Mackel

Billy Mackel: Guitarplayer for the Lionel Hampton Band. Sweden,1953.
Billy Mackel as essential to Lionel Hampton as Freddie Green to Count Basie.
Billy Mackel's solo's and a 60 min. Dutch concert with Lionel Hampton.  Click

Cecil Payne


Collection: Carl-Gustaf,  Sweden.  Click

Jimmy Smith in Sweden.
Photo and Music: Jazz Scene USA 1961: Oscar Brown jr. presents The Jimmy Smith Trio. (Hammond Organ, Guitar and Drums).
 Play the Video - 450 Kbps. Wait 2 a 3 min. (Cable and ADSL).

Rex Stewart

Front cover picture of Rex Stewart from the jazzmagazine Estrad
when he visited 25 cities (towns) here in Sweden 1947 and also
was in the studio with his band and made a record.

Lucky Thompson

1958: With Swedish musicians, Carl-Henrik Norin and Arne Domnérus.
Lucky died on 2005, Saturday july 30. (Age 81).
Collection: Carl-Gustaf. Swedish photographer, Bengt H. Malmqvist.
Music: Play

Charlie Parker

The Fifties.

Charlie Parker autograph that I got when he visited Sweden
 Malmö 22 november 1950.
A rare short video: Charlie Parker and Coleman Hawkins.  Play
Charlie Parker Jukebox: 23 tracks from Savoy and Mercury.  Play
The Savoy Label History Part 2. Charlie Parker.  Play

The Oscar Peterson Trio with Herb Ellis, guitar and Ray Brown, bass.
(of course) at the Concerthall in Stockholm 1957.
  Photographer, Bengt H. Malmqvist, Sweden.
Music: Oscar's Boogie.  Play  The Backyard Blues.  Play
Music: Three Oscar Peterson Videos: Click on the photos.  Play-
1993 Concert: Audio 22min.


Sarah Vaughan
Sarah Vaughan Autograph. Stockholm 1958 (JATP).
Sarah Vaughan, vocals, Wayman Reed, tr. Carl Schröder, p. Walter Booker, b. Jimmy Cobb, dr.
Nick Vollebrechts Jazz Café Laren, The Netherlands. 1978, October 9.  Play

February 14.
STOCKHOLM, Sweden (AP) - Clarinetist and orchestra leader Putte Wickman,
one of Sweden's best known jazz musicians, died Tuesday. He was 81.
 Putte Wickman from one of his last concerts.
It has never been published before.  English Newspaper
Music: Short Video. Play--Short Audio clip.   Blues for Jacqueline and Simon
Swedisch News Papers: Expressen-DN Cultur - Falukuriren-

Jimmy Woode

The Fifties.
Joop van Enkhuizen, tenorsax .Horace Parlan, p. Jimmy Woode, b.Han Bennink, dr. 1987, April 30. Play
2003/08/14 :With Joop "Joe" van Enkhuizen I play 1957/58 drums with Joe, Hans  Bebop.

Phil Woods + Autograph and Music on Video.
Tros Sesjun 1986 Concert.

Phil Woods, Hank Jones and String Orchestra plays Charlie Parker.
Just Friends: Play- Just Friends with the complete end. Play
 Phil Woods Quintet. -Phil play with the sax from Charie Parker.
The Netherlands. 1986, April 29. Tros Sesjun Concert. Unreleased.  Play


Charlie Barnet, Tommy Dorsey, Benny Goodman, Louis Armstrong
and Lionel Hampton. Collection: Carl-Gustaf, Sweden.

Hans Bebop
Copyright © 2005.  All rights reserved.

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