WAR ll Music
Muziek uit de tweede wereldoorlog

 Liberation of The Netherlands. 1945, May 5.
An emotional two-minute silence on 4 May commemorates those who fell during World War II
and the Netherlands also celebrates the 63nd anniversary of its liberation from the Nazis on 5 May.
Jazz and Oldies:

First Publication: 2005, May 5. Last Update, 2008, November 9
 The Jubilee Shows Part 1 - 20.

01/05: -Ernie 'Bubbles' Whitman present the Best of AFRS Jubilee Show. Great Swing !
01/05: -Jubilee was a unique series of radio entertainment designed for the guys and gals in the American Armed Forces
01/05: -during World War II. None of the broadcasts were heard over the regular networks in the USA.
01/05:--Jubilee was produced in Hollywood by the Armed Forces Radio Service (AFRS) and the programs were transcribed on
01/05: -16" vinylite discs (speed: 33 1/3 rpm) and distributed to various radio stations all over the world. 2x 25min.
02/29:--Part 1 of 20. Lionel Hampton, Les Paul, Dinah Washington, Fletcher Henderson and Others.  Play
01/05: -Part 2: Lucky Millinder, Slim Gaillard, Benny Carter, Herb Jeffries and Others. Play
01/05: -Part 3: Jimmie Lunceford, Alvino Rey, Benny Goodman, Art Tatum, Lena Horne, Slam Stewart and Others.  Play
01/05: -Part 4: Cee Pee Johnson, Ivie Anderson, Bing Crosby, Fletcher Henderson, Lena Horne and others.  Play
01/05: -Part 5: Woody Herman, Jack Teagarden, Joey Preston, Howard McGhee, Just Jazz Allstars, Kay Starr,
01/05: -Pete Johnson, Benny Goodman, Red Norvo. Play
01/05: -Part 6: Erskine Hawkins, Nat King Cole, Lena Horne, The Jungleers, Oscar Pettiford, Slim Gaillard and Others. Play
01/05: -Part 7: Boyd Reaburn, Dodo Marmarosa, Lucky Thompson, Louis Jordan and others. Play
01/05: -Part 8: Jack McVea, Jack Teagarden, Andy Kirk, Eddie Heywood, Helen Humes and Others. Play
01/05: -Part 9: Maxine Sullivan, Illinois Jacquet, Johnny Mercer, Noble Sissle, Barney Bigard, Sister Rosetta Tharpe. Play
01/05: -Part 10: Jimmie Luncford, André Previn, Joe Liggins, Tiny Bradshaw, June Richmond and others.  Play
01/05: -Part 11: Boyd Raeburn, Dizzy Gillespie, Charlie Parker, Jimmy Mundy, Kay Starr and others.  Play
01/05: -Part 12: Benny Carter, Helen Humes, Cee Pee Johnson, Johnny Mercer and others. Play
01/05: -Part 13: Count Basie, Artie Shaw, Buddy Rich, Jimmy Rushing, Kid Ory and others. Play
01/05: -Part 14: Kid Ory, Erskine Hawkins, Eddie South & Leasbelly (RST JUBCD) and Others. Play
01/05: -Part 15: Erskine Hawkins, Jack Benny, Benny Goodman, Gene Krupa, Charlie Ventura and Others. PLay
01/05: -Part 16: Georgie Auld, Billy Eckstine, Virginia Maxey and others.  Play
01/05: -Part 17: Louis Armstrong, Louis Jordan and others.  Play
01/05: -Part 18: Dizzy Gillespie, Stan Kenton, Earl Hines, Jimmie Luncefor5d, Andre Previn and others.   Play
01/05: -Part 19: Andy Kirk, Helen Humes, Jimmy Mundy, Nat King Cole, Slim Gaillard,  Errol Garner and others. Play
01/05: -Part 20: Dizzy Gillespie, Stan Kenton, Gene Krupa, Lionel Hampton.  Dinah Washington and others.  Play

WAR l.Jukebox with 39 songs:  Play -
The Big Band Era: Bands of WAR 2.  30min. Broadcasts.
The War Begins. Play -
War Propaganda.Play
The Soldiers.  Play -
Songs of Hope and Victory. Play -
Love and War.   Play-
Women Left Behind. -Play
The Hungry Years. 30 min. Broadcasts.
Harry James.   Play-
Woody Herman.   Play
Stan Kenton.  Play -
Glenn Miller.   Play -
Artie Shaw.   Play-
The Big Band War ll Horses. 60 min.  Play

The Hotel Bands in the fourties.  45 min.  Play-Play with Quicktime. Download free.Click---
The War Years. 45 min.  Play-
Storm Warnings. 45 min.  Play
Post War Big Bands. 45 min. Play-(
Harry Warren Revisited. 45 min.  Play-
The Big Band Frank Sinatra. 45 min.  Play-
Benny Goodman. 45 min.  Play-
Benny Goodman. 45 min.  Play-
Benny Goodnan/Lionel Hampton 45 min.  Play

With Playlist:
The Airman of Note. 20 songs.  Play
Part 2: The Glenn Miller Mood. Play-
Tommy Dorsey. 20 songs. Play-
Harry James Orchestra. 20 songs.  Play-
Glenn Miller: 20 songs.    Play
Lionel Hampton. 20 songs.   Play
Lionel Hampton. 20 songs. Incl. The great Stardust from Gene Norman's 1947 Just Jazz Concert.  Play

The Airmen of Note: U.S. Airmen of Note, under the direction of Master Sgt. Alan Baylock, was created in
1950 to carry on the tradition of Glenn Miller's Army Air Corps dance band and is the premier jazz ensemble
of the United States Air Force.  2005, March 25 Concert. 58 min. Video-22002 Concert  65 min.  Video -

Website dutch 78 RMD: Click on Muziek.  Click-


V-Disc, (Victory).   Play

V-Discs. War ll Music.
The V-Discs Story, 1943-1949.   Click

The V-Discs.  Part 1  30 min.  Play- Part 2  30 min.  Play-
The V-Discs.  Part 3  60 min.  Play

Glenn Miller. Stormy Weather. V-Disc 91A. Play-Buckle Down Winsocki. V-Disc 91B.  Play
Glenn Miller. Medley (goin' Home, Honeysuckle Rose, My Blue Heaven).  V-Disc 123.  Play
Glenn Miller. The Squadron Song V-Disc 144A. Play-Tail End Charlie. ViDisc 144B.   Play
Glenn Miller. Honeysuckle Rose. V-Disc 161. Play-
Count Basie. Yeah Man - Rhythm Man. V-Disc 175. Play
Tommy Dorsey. Paramount On Parade. V-Disc 206. Play
Artie Shaw. Cross My Heart. V-Disc 248.  Play
Count Basie. Beaver Junction. V-Disc 258B. Play  Kansas City Stride. 258A.  Play
Woody Herman. Lazy River - There'll Be Some. V-Disc 268.   Play
Count Basie. Circus In Rhythm. V-Disc 289. Play
Count Basie. Playhouse No.2 Stomp. Play
Mildred Bailey. Right As Rain. V-Disc 387. Play

Under Construction
Artie Shaw/Billie Holiday. Any Old Time. V-Disc 399B.  Play  399A.  Play
Lionel Hampton. Vibes Boogie. V-Disc 404. Play
Mildred Bailey. Which Of The Great 48. V-Disc 444.   Play
Benny Goodman/Lionel Hampton. Just One Of Those Things. V-Disc 446.  Play
Woody Herman. Golden Wedding. V-Disc 458. Play
Count Basie. On The Upbeat. V-Disc 468. Play
Jimmy Dorsey & His Band. Jumpin' Jehosaphat. V-Disc 470.  Play
Benny Goodman. Let's Fall In Love. V-Disc 475. Play
Muggsy Spanier and his V-DISC All-Stars. Jazz Me Blues (V-Disc 476). Play- Squeeze Me.   Play-
Benny Goodman. Every Time. V-Disc 485.  Play
Jimmy Dorsey & His Band. King Porter Stomp. V-Disc 514.
Don Redman. Great Day In The Morning. V-Disc. 524.  Play.
Duke Ellington. Crescendo In Blue. V-Disc 534A.  Play
Count Basie. Jimmy's Boogie Woogie.  V-Disc 534B.  Play
Harry James. It's Been A Long, Long Time. V-Disc. 535A.  Play-
Benny Goodman. I'm Gonna Love That Guy. V-Disc 535B. Play
Count Basie. Gee Baby, Ain't I Good To You. V-Disc 552.  Play
Duke Ellington. Kissin' Bug. V-Disc. 558.  Play
Duke Ellington. Frantic Fantasy. V-Disc 575A.   Play
Count Basie. Just An Old Manuscript  V-Disc 575B.  Play
Tommy Dorsey. I'll Never Smile Again. V-Disc 582. Play
Duke Ellington. Frankie And Johnnie. V-Disc 626.  Play
Count Basie. Tippin' On The Q.t.  Play
Mildred Bailey + All Stars. Dinah. V-Disc 656. Play
Fats Waller. Solitude. Organ. V-Disc 658.  Play
Ella Fitzgerald V-disc Jumpers. That's Rich. V-Disc 703.  Play
Mildred Bailey.  Wish You Were Waiting. V-Disc 715.  Play
Fats Waller. Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child. V-Disc. 743. Play
Count Basie. B Flat Blues. V-Disc 744A.  Play   San Jose. V-Disc 744B.   Play
Mildred Bailey + All Stars. That Ain't Right. V-Disc 772.  Play
Ella Fitzgerald and Buddy Rich. Blues  V-Disc 775.  Play
Count Basie. Jammin' On A V-disc. V-Disc 781. Play
Count Basie. Sweet Lorraine. V-Disc. 802.  Play
Duke Ellington. I Like The Sunrise. V-Disc 858.  Play
Mildred Bailey. The Love I Long For. V-Disc 879. Play
Benny Goodman. Benny's Bop. V-Disc 880. Play

Woody Herman. Your Father's Mustache.     Play
Josh White: I left a good deal in Mobile.  Play
Harry James. Cherry.  Play
Duke Ellington and Ella Fitzgerald. How High The Moon. Play-
Duke Ellington. Perdido.   Play-
The Dorsey Brothers. More than you know.    Play

Soldiers listen to V-Discs.

Muggsy Spannier: V-Disc 135

The V-Disc History and Discography.
1980: 1188 pages.

04/20: 103rd Birthday of Lionel Hampton. Many concerts recorded from the radio and unknown on LP or CD.

Happy Birthday Hamp . <<Click.

Lionel Hampton Juke Box. 180 tracks. Play- (Realplayer)
HINT: Lionel Hampton Quartet.  Special engagement at the 1974 Newport Jazz Festival in New York.  Play-

Lionel Hampton And His Orchestra1990-12-31 (New Year Concert) Incl. Frank Forster and Nina Simone: Happy New Year and Hey-Ba-Ba-Rebop. Play-
The concert begin New Year's Eve on 11.39.50 PM. Source: Radio Sound: B+/A- Lionel Hampton and his Orchestra.(Sorry I don't know who is in the band.)
01. Title 5:27, 02. Title 7:40, 03. Swing in the New Year//Auld Lang Sine (Fade) 9:01, 04. The Gangs all herer Medly (fade) 5:52,
05. Donít get Around Much Anymore 3:07, 06. Mack the Knife 7:30, 07. Hamp's Boogie Woogie/Hey-Ba-Ba-Rebop. 5:49. Time 44 min..
Radio Recording.  Good Sound (V-) Windows Mediaplayer.
Lionel Hampton Big Band: Chicago Jazz Festival. Grant Park, Chicago IL. Late August or early September 1988.  Play-
01 ?? (5:58.  02 ?? (10:50) 03 Mack the Knife (10:40). 04 ?? (9:59). 05 What a Wonderful World (5:20) Time 42. Simulcast from WBEZ, Chicago.
Lionel Hampton Big Band.1953-10-04 Germany. (This recording was originally seeded at Dime by Ricola). Play-
This recording was originally seeded at Dime by ricola. Much thanks for that! I believe I grabbed it from my buddy Rob K. on the Terrapin Torrents tracker.
As the text below states, this is an amazing recording for it's age. I have enjoyed it so much that I wanted to keep spreading around. It says "
All Stars" which is no joke. Please enjoy! Lionel HAMPTON All Stars. Live at Sportpalast in Berlin, Germany, October 04, 1953
Source: low Gen. RADIO MASTER>probably Reel to Reel Tape>CD>trade>EAC Secure>Flac frontend>flac level 6
Sound: A/A+ (outstanding quality for that age!!, listen to mp3 sample)
04 STARDUST 4.48. 05 HOW HIGH THE MOON 3.32. 06 ALWAYS 3.40 [mistitled as Dinah]. 07 DRINK WINE SPO-DEE-O-DEE 3.30 [Sonny Parker -vo;]
08 MR. JELLY ROLL 2.55. 09 HAMP'S BOOGIE WOOGIE 2.35 [and closing comments]
Click for the Members. Click   (Eddie Pazant replace Robert Plater)

Lionel Hampton. 1995 Interview by  Monk Rowe.  Play-.

Radio Recordings:  Very Good Sound. (M)  It's free, although you need to register for this three.
Lionel Hampton Big Band. Philharmonic Hall (New York, NY) Jul 5, 1972. Click on Play Lionel Hampton -(This three)
Benny Goodman/Lionel Hampton Quintet. Carnegie Hall (New York, NY) Jun 29, 1973. Play-
Benny Goodman, cl. Lionel Hampton, vibes. Teddy Wilson, piano, Slam Stewart, bass. Gene Krupa, drums. .
Lionel Hampton Quartet. Special engagement at the 1974 Newport Jazz Festival in New York.  Play-
Lionel  Hampton, Teddy Wilson, piano. Milt Hinton, Bass. Buddy Rich, drums.

Lionel Hampton's First concert of his first Europe Tour. Sweden 1953, September 14Click
Lionel Hampton and The St Petersburg Orchestra conducted by Alexander Tschernucschenko. 1994 TV. The first concert this evening. Play
Lionel Hampton's King David Suite for orchestra and jazz musicians. Hampton (vibraphone),
Junior Mance (piano), Jimmy Woody (bass), Bobby Durham (drums), And The St Petersburg Orchestra conducted by Alexander Tschernucschenko .
55 min. Germany 1994 TV Play
Lionel Hampton For the last time in Holland.  TV. North Sea Jazz Fest. 1994. May. The Golden Man of Jazz.  Play
Lionel Hampton and the Golden Man of Jazz. Germany. 60min TV. 1993. Play
Lionel Hampton: Kennedy Center Honors 1992: Video. For the first time publiced in 2002.
Herbie Hancock presents and Aretha Franklin sings. Milt Jackson and The Golden Man of Jazz. Garry Burton and The Golden Man of Jazz.
All with the yong University of Idaho  Jazz Ensemble with Flying Home. 15min..Next 45 min. Jay Hoggard (Vibes) play a tribute for Lionel Hampton, 2002.  Play
Lionel Hampton. Dutch Radio. Germany concert 1983 (Age 75). Part 1 and 2. Wait 2-4 min. Go to 3.32,  Play
Lionel Hampton Big Band.  Big Band and Giants of Jazz. The Netherlands. Rebroadcasts, 1985, May 17
Lionel Hampton and his Giants of Jazz. 1978, May 4. Lionel Hampton, Vibe/Piano/Vocals/Drums.
Billy Mackel-Guitar. Frankie Dunlop, Drums. Barry Smith, Bass. Paul Moen, Tenorsax. Joe Newman, Trumpet.
Victor Pazz, Trumpet. Wild Bill Davis, Organ. Amersfoort,The Flint Theatre, The Netherlands. 1978, May 4
The Lionel Hampton story: Radio 1975 with special guest in the studio Lionel Hampton.
Part 1:  Play-Part 2: Play.PPlay with Quicktime. Download Free Quicktime
Lionel Hampton at The Apollo Theatre, Amsterdam The Netherlands. 1954. Stardust. Play- Vibe Boogie/Flying Home/Good Luck. Play-
Lionel Hampton's first Europe Tour 1953. Swiss Radio. Part 1 and 2. Wait 2-4 min. and go to min. 1.59. Play
Lionel Hampton: Request from Hans Bebop your webmaster. The Jazz NIght. 5 hours Lionel Hampton.
Include my LP of Gene Norman's 1947 Just Jazz Concert.Play and wait 2-4min and go to min.2.20.for Gene Norman. Play
Lionel Hampton's Music: 1924-1942. Click
Lionel Hampton and  4 x Stardust. Just Jazz 1947, Dutch and Germany Apollo,1954, Dutch TV, Others. Play

1930/40: Lionel Hampton Small Groups.  Part 1:  Play-Part 2:  Play-Part 3:  Play
1924-1942 Lionel Hampton's Music: Click

TRIBUTES:  Dany Doriz Big Band, Vibes: Tribute for Lionel Hampton. Video. Airmail Special-1-2- Hamps Boogie. 3-Flying Home.  4
4 min. of Jean-Louis Bompoint's movie FOR THE LOVE OF HAMP. Blue Note Jazz Club 2002. Play
Dutch 4BEAT6: 2009, June 24. Rimini Jazz Festival. Airmail Special.  Play-Rachels Dream.  PlaypJumpin' at the Woodside.  Play--
ill Tom Special.  Play--Stardust. Play-Tiger Rag  Play--Flying Home. PlayGoodbye. Play-Slipped Disc. Play
Bennie Goodman Small Groups. Airchecks 1939-41.  Play-148min.
I've had this tape about 30 years and the source is unknown, but someone did a fine job of recording these shows, apparently on a quality acetate machine.
But these are AM broadcasts, not studio tracks; and acetates, not digital recordings. So they're noisy, ok? You'll hear some first-class talent here, including
Lionel Hampton, Fletcher Henderson, Johnny Guarnieri, Charlie Christian, Art Bernstein, Nick Fatool, Gene Krupa, Dave Tough, Louis Armstrong, Count Basie,more.
I spent 2 days cleaning this up with speed correction and hundreds of manual click repairs for the acetate damage and the lightning storms. I Hope someone likes it.

Muggsy Spanier and his V-DISC All-Stars. Jazz Me Blues (V-Disc 475). 3.54 min. Play-Squeeze Me.  4.27 min.  Play-
Connie Boswel and the V-Disc Men.  Bell-Bottom Trousers. 3.52 min.  Play- WMP
The Andrew Sisters. Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy. 2.20 min. Play- WMP
Gene Krupa Orchestra.   Here's To You, MacArthur. 3.18 min. Play -WMP
Don Redmond.  Pistol Packin' Mama. 3.52 min.  Play-WMP
Glenn Miller. Introduction by Glenn Miller.  G.I. Jive on V-Disc. 3.04 min. Play
New: 2006/02/05:
Duke Ellington: Main Stem. 2.46min. V-Disc 355,  Play
Josh White. Berlin Blues. 3.08 min. V-Disc 044B.  Play-
Josh White: I left a good deal in Mobile. 3.02min.  Play
Harry James. It's Been A Long, Long Time, 3.23min. V-Disc. 535.  Play-
Harry James. Cherry. 3.08min.  Play
Duke Ellington and Ella Fitzgerald. How High The Moon. 3.13min. Play-
Duke Ellington. Perdido. 3.08min.  Play-
The Dorsey Brothers. More than you know. 5.40min.   Play
The Big Band Era: Broadcasts, Bands of WWII.  The War Begins.  Play -
War Propaganda.PlayThe Soldiers.  Play - Songs of Hope and Victory. Play -
Love and War.   Play-    Women Left Behind. -Play
Carson Robison with Orchestra 1941.  Remember Pearl Harbor. 3.03 min. Play- WMP
Doctor Clayton.  Pearl Harbor Blues.  3.02 min. Play -WMP
The Andrew Sisters. You're a Sap, Mr. Jap. 2.36 min.  Play- WMP
Dick Robertson 1941. Goodbye, Mama (I'm Off to Yokohama. 2.31 min. Play -WMP
Betty Bonney with Les Brown and His Orchestra 1941. He's 1-A In The Army And He's A-1 In My Heart. 3.00 min.  Play -WMP
Spike Jones 1942. Der Fuehrer's Face. 2.32 min.  Play- WMP
The Golden Gate Quartet 1943.  Stalin Wasn't Stallin. 3.02 min. Play -WMP
The Airman of Note. 20 songs.  Play    Harry James Orchestra. 20 songs.  Play-Tommy Dorsey. 20 songs. Play-
Mutual Broadcasting announces VE Day, May 7, 1945. 1.20 min. Play-WMP
The Cab Calloway Orchestra Broadcast interrupted for news of the Jap surrender, August 14, 1945. 5.43 min.  Play- WMP
The Airmen of Note: U.S. Airmen of Note, under the direction of Master Sgt. Alan Baylock, was created in
1950 to carry on the tradition of Glenn Miller's Army Air Corps dance band and is the premier jazz ensemble
of the United States Air Force.  2005, March 25 Concert. 58 min. Video-22002 Concert  65 min.  Video -
The Airman of Note: 20 songs with playlist.  Play -Part 2: The Glenn Miller Mood. Play- Glenn Miller: Play